Sunday, November 16, 2008


For the last four years, my dad has taken us (me, my sister and my step-mom) to see Trans Siberian Orchestra (TSO to those who are "in the know"). This event has become, by far, the highlight of my holiday season (yes, it even trumps Christmas morning with you know that I'm a huge scrooge!).

TSO is a fabulous musical extravaganza. The show assaults all of your senses in the best possible way...lasers, fire, and loud, rockin' holiday music (along with some great classics with a very contemporary spin. I think that to be a part of TSO's group, you have to have four basic things:

Incredible, yet very eccentric musical talents

Great looks, particularly for the females. In fact, long, straight and very blond hair seems to be a "must"

A smokin' body and the ability to fit into a very slinky and short black dress.

Energy! The show lasts for over three hours - last night was without an intermission - and the performers generally perform two shows in one day.
It's unbelievable.

This combination creates for quite an eye-candy event. And speaking of eyes, we sat on the floor last night for the first time and there were times when I couldn't even look at the stage because the light show was so wild!

The window to see TSO is very limited. They do a short tour during November and December each year and good seats sell out FAST. This year, the tour started early.

The truly magical part of this experience - for me - is sharing it with my Dad. The first year we went, he didn't stop talking about the show until Easter. And now he's on the TSO VIP list so he's right on top of ticket sales each year.

We always meet in downtown Sac for dinner prior and this year's pick was a clear winner. Tuli Bistro, Sacramento's newest darling on the restaurant scene, did not disappoint. We sat outside on the heated patio and enjoyed great wine and a ton of fabulous food.

I'm a little sad after TSO comes and goes each year. But now there's a new, slicked up concert venue in downtown Modesto that my dad is loving so maybe we can find a couple more events during the year to make the wait for TSO a little more tolerable.

In the meantime, I'm grateful, as always, for the chance to go to see another repeat TSO performance. Go if you ever have the chance! You will not, in any way, be disappointed.

And thanks Dad! Until next year...

p.s. Here's the "big reveal" of my Amber Shimmer locks!

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