Friday, November 21, 2008

Follow Me To Norwindia

There is a place on the Internet, a lovely place that blends the cultures of Norway and India into one fabulous mesh of goodness. That place is called "Norwindia."

Norwindia is a blog that was (is) the brainchild of my dear college friend, Kirsten. Kirsten met and married her post-college sweetie (known as "Jay" in the posts) and they've together they've created a wonderful family life in the suburbs of San Francisco.

Kirsten is a born and bred Norwegian; Jay descends from India. She is Lutheran, he is Hindu. The result of this convergence, as you will see in her pictures, is absolutely stunning children.

I guess it's customary in the blog world to invite guests to post on your blog site if you're on vacation or if you're just stuck in a writer's block.

In any event, Kirsten opened up her Norwindia blog home to me and you can read my guest post today by clicking here:

Bookmark her blog URL and check back as often as you can. I think you'll be very entertained and moved by the many experiences of the Norwindians.

I'm actually relieved to be sending you to Norwindia today as we've had some news in our home that has me stunned and at a loss for words. I need to take a day to figure out how to blog about cancer. And my mother. And the unfairness of life.

For now, go have some laughs in Norwindia.


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