Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Rocking The Vote & Rocking The Boat

I just found out that my Dad is reading my blog. Pretty regularly, I think. Knowing this, I'm not going to jeopordize the chances of him taking me off his "Favorites" list by making any comments about yesterday's election. I rather like the fact that he's interested enough in our daily life to take a peek in on the blog.

I will say this though. Last Sunday, in church, the Dean of our congregation discussed how the election has caused a major divide in our country and how negative we have become toward the "other" candidate. In a country where we are already experiencing such incredible division, it's sad that at an important and exciting time, we can't come together in love and community to elect our next leader.

I thought my church leaders had a good solution. Since our cathedral serves as a polling place, the clergy decided to serve dinner to everyone who came in to vote. As our Dean said, "We'll be breaking bread with everyone...Republicans, Democrats, the spirit of community." I'm proud to be a part of a church that recognizes the need to bring people back together...even in the most divisive times.

As for me, I made my way to the local middle school, which served as our neighborhood polling place, and cast my ballot. And then off to Starbucks for my free cup of coffee, where the choice was much simpler: "Regular or decaf?"

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heartatpreschool said...

GREAT POST! I like the way your church thinks.

Say "hi" to Sacto for me. I really miss it sometimes.