Monday, February 22, 2010

You Don't Have to Travel to Europe to Have Jet Lag

Just co-habitate with a 6-year-old who spends one day on American soil before catapulting back into your home for 4am wake-ups.

Netflix on demand anyone? Melatonin? Kiddie Xanax?

I'm not surprised that this is happening but in the dark hours this morning, I was, admittedly, pretty frustrated. Frustrated enough to call my ex - at 4am - and demand that he take Ben for four nights to re-set his internal clock. I feel guilty sending Ben back a night early and Ben was disappointed when I told him. He let out a big, "awwwwww" and I said, "I'm sorry, little dude, but you are going to kill me."

I can't explain to him that the "cocktail" of sleep meds I take each night really doesn't allow for coherent and rational experiences at 4am. I can't explain to him that I am worthless at my job when I've been up for hours on end. I can't explain to him that this is his dad's damn fault and that it stupid to take a small child out of school for an international trip and expect everything to be "just fine" on the return.

We're going on 12 hours of being awake and Ben is melting on the half-hour. In fact, he's pushing 15 minute increments now. It's really not pretty.

His teacher confirmed at pick-up: "He is one tired boy."

We still have a report to finish - on Italy, of course - which entails at least two hours of sentence writing.

Oy vey.

Or as they say in Italy, "Buona fortuna" - or "good luck" to us!


Lish said...
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Lish said...

So much for "He seems to be adjusting back to Pacific time just fine." LOL!

Life changes on a dime. :)

I'm so curious to know if Italy will be one of those important life changing moments ie; "ever since Dad took me to Italy, I've planned to live in Europe." Or, if it will be - "Dad took me to Italy when I was six? Really?"