Tuesday, March 2, 2010

The Great Itallian Fall-Out

We went from jet lag to the hospital.

After two more sleepless nights after his dad's shift, Ben woke up with a 104+ fever on Sunday morning. Three hours of waiting in Urgent Care and the same diagnosis as last fall: bronchial infection with possibility of pneumonia.

Since Ben has already missed a LOT of school this year due to the first round of pneumonia and then for various trips with his dad, the doctor went straight for the hard core antibiotics, as in the five day treatment that knocks out everything quickly.

But there was still fun to be had! Especially at 2am, 3am, 4am and 5am. With a sweaty boy who can't breathe and a frustrated mom who desperately needs some sleep...

I downed a couple of cocktails on Sunday night while on a quick Mommy break. Bad idea. Guess who spent the entire day in bed on Monday? Call it extreme fatigue, exhaustion, stomach flu, and headache.

So where's my ex in all this? He is in Maui. That's right. One week in Italy, one week in Maui.

The ER doctor looked at me rather sternly and had the classic line: "Do you really think that Italy during the school year, during the winter - even - was a good idea?"

"No," I deadpanned. "But, his dad thought so."

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