Thursday, February 4, 2010

From The Mouths of Babes: OMG!

We have new lingo in our home and it goes like this:

"Oh my gosh!"

Sometimes, it sounds like this: "OHMYGOSH!"

Other times, it's like this: "OH." "MY." "GOSH."

One time, just once, it came out like this: "Oh my God!"

And then someone got a big thump on the head.

Yes, we have arrived to the land of school-aged jargon; a place where "Oh my gosh" is uttered at least 100 times each day.

Which is better, far better than, "I hate you."

Or, "This is stupid."

Of course, we're still in the midst of "I'm so bored."

And, "Where's the Nintendo?"

To my delight, I'm also still hearing, "Read to me!" "Rub my back!" "Tuck me in."

And my own personal favorite, "I love you."

1 comment:

Briana said...

Read to me, Rub my back and Tuck me in... will be gone soon!!!! We must cherish these moments :-) I forget how FAST they grow up. Being a parent can be so hard, yet alone a single one....You are doing a great job as a mother and a friend!!!xoxo