Saturday, February 20, 2010

Drinking It In.

Ben came home to me last night. At last.

He seems to be adjusting back to Pacific time just fine. 11 hours of sleep last night and judging from the way he slurred his words and rubbed his eyes at bedtime, we're probably looking at another long stretch of slumber. Hooray!

Today we had a very fun playdate with friends at a really fabulous park, followed by ice cream treats at McDonald's and more play.

He requested pizza and a movie for tonight. He can usually eat one half of a Papa Murphy's Delite Pizza in one sitting (yes, it is astonishing) but this evening, he petered out after a mere three slices and told me that the pizza isn't as good as what he had in Italy.

On the way to Italy, his dad let him watch "Home Alone" on the airplane. Interesting judgment call on that one. Needless to say, Ben demanded that it be turned off about 15 minutes in and his dad ordered up "Tinkerbell" instead. And my boy - who's all Hot Wheels and Monster Trucks and dirt and grime - loved it. In fact, it was his pick for tonight. The second showing did not disappoint. I decided - about 10 minutes in - that Tinkerbell is a great representation of tasteful glamor and femininity and that she is going to be my inspiration for next Halloween. But I doubt that I can get Ben to be Peter Pan.

Throughout the movie, Ben lay sprawled across me on the couch. It was complete and total sweetness. At one point he reached for my hand. I wanted to take a still frame on that moment. Make it last forever.

Tinkerbell will probably last all of two weeks; likely until some knuckle-head boy on the playground lets Ben in on the notion that Tinkerbell is "for girls." But I hope that this innocence lasts just a little bit longer.

I could spend so many more Saturday nights just like this one and not have one regret; only the feeling that my heart will crack open for all the love that I have for this boy.

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