Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Wordless Wednesday

Thanks, Kir and Kari for once again providing the title of my post today.

My sister, Alisa, is getting married next weekend. We've hardly talked this last month; she's been so busy with wedding details.

I called her frantically from the Verizon store this morning as the account that we share is under her name and I needed her Social. I realized I as hurriedly rushed through the conversation, that we have not had a "proper" conversation in weeks. I'm so sorry, Alisa.

So let me say this to my beautiful, wise, younger sister: I can't wait to see you get married. You've waited oh-so-long for this and you're not the type to burden your family with a lot of fanfare. Being the practical girl that you are, (we are, after all, our mother's daughters!) your wedding dress that you ordered online, with an enormous leap of faith looks lovely. You will be so pretty. And I will be so proud of you for waiting for a special guy like Alec and for having faith that your day would indeed come.

Exactly one week from tomorrow, our entire immediate family (including one of the brothers!) and a handful of your dear childhood friends will descend on Indianapolis to watch you and Alec start your new life together. I'm so excited.

I'm just wordless.

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Kirsten said...

Awwwww. Congrats to your sister!