Saturday, November 14, 2009

The Aunt, The Invertebrate and Iron Man

We finished up the month of October with a visit from my Aunt Diana. Everyone should have an Aunt Diana. I'm crazy about my aunt; I always have been. She is the most soft-spoken, gentle soul that you'll ever meet. As a retired school teacher, she's brilliant with children. Her favorite holiday is Halloween so her visit was perfectly timed. Ben fell in love with her and was incredibly sad when she left.

The requisite pumpkin carving, spearheaded by mother this year. Bless her!

Ben's class studied invertebrates in October. Ben was the desert scorpion. The kids made costumes and had a parade on Halloween. Here is Ben in his scorpion costume with Aunt Diana.

Each child had to give an oral presentation about their invertebrate. Ben's favorite detail about the desert scorpion: "Sometimes the mommy scorpion EATS the daddy scorpion after she has her babies!" He then asked me, "Mommy, did you want to eat Daddy after you had me?"

My mom, Ben and Aunt Diana at Ben's last soccer game. Aunt Diana was thrilled to get to see him play (and score a goal!)

On Halloween Day, we went to the Discovery Museum.

I think Ben was in heaven with all the attention he got throughout the day! Can you see the sparkle in his eye?

That night, Iron Man emerged from the bedroom for some serious trick-or-treating!

We told Iron Man that he could run as much as he wanted to, but under no circumstances could he fly around the neighborhood!

Iron Man attacks Mommy! This is the last Halloween I'll be able to pick him up, unless I want a serious back injury!

And here is the perfect trick-or-treater. This was taken right before Molly jumped into the Halloween action, going from doorstep to doorstep and being the best behaved trick-or-treater on the block (until the poodle crossed our path).

I can only hope that every Halloween was as fun as this one! Aunt Diana, please come back and visit us soon. We love you!


Kirsten said...

Looks like a blast!

I think you guys need to go to the Paulsey school of pumpkin carving. :-)

Lish said...

I was also thinking - now THOSE look like kid pumpkins! I always tease Kari that her Christmas trees look like she stole them from Nordstrom's.

Now the question is... DID you want to eat Daddy?