Friday, November 13, 2009

Ben Turns 6, Part 2

We celebrated Ben's birthday two times. The first time was at my house; the second was at his dad's.

Ben asks a lot of questions about divorce and why he has two homes. I remind him, all the time, how very lucky he is to have two parents who love him so much and two bedrooms and two sets of toys and two distinctly different, yet wonderful, environments that he can grow and thrive in.

And who wouldn't want to have two birthday parties?

This is my dear friend Kathie, who has Ean. Ben and Ean have known each other and loved each other since birth.

This is Ean and Ben.

The three kids - Ben, Ean and Ben's cousin, Lily, were waiting for cake. Ben's paternal grandma got their attention:

And the laughing began:

And continued:

The kids were in such hysterics that they momentarily forgot about the cake. I love to see children laugh like this. It was my favorite part of the day.

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Lish said...

WHAT was grandma doing????