Thursday, November 12, 2009

October, Part 1: Ben Turns 6

I'm in a bit of denial over the amount of pictures and posts that I need to catch up on from October. Holy cow, what a month. I figure that the only way to approach this daunting project is to break it down into manageable posts, otherwise I'll likely take Google down with the number of pictures I want to upload.

So. starting with the most important event from last month, this post contains the highlights from Ben's 6th birthday party. Ben's first 6th birthday party, that is. He also had a party at his dad's house.

On October 1st, seven of Ben's friends came over after school for the festivities. I hired a magician who provided ALL the entertainment, thus allowing the mommies to drink sangria and eat dinner in complete peace. The weather was spectacular; a perfect warm fall day and evening in our backyard.

Here is the magician entertaining the kids and as usual, Molly, our socialite dog, was in the middle of the mix (much to the kids delight, the magician, not so much!). The kids were captivated by his tricks.

And here is Ben with his life-long friend, L. Most of the time they fight like siblings (they are only two weeks apart in age), but on the day of Ben's party, they were completely sweet with each other.

After the magician and cake, we moved to the living room where Ben tore into his gifts. Below are his "adult" friends (i.e. - my friends!). His "fairy godmother," Ann is on the left and Nancy is on the right.

We're only a month into "year 6" but so far, I'm liking this age the best (I say that about every year though!). My little boy has shed his toddler characteristics completely but is quickly moving toward being a thoughtful and perceptive child.

Just one month ago, Ben was happy to curl up in my lap in the movie theater. Tonight when I offered to hold him during "G-Force", he looked at me like I was crazy. Then he ate four pieces of pizza, a carton of yogurt, a Zone bar and washed it all down with two glasses of milk.

Yes, indeed, he is definitely a boy now.

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