Monday, May 24, 2010

What Not To Eat

I had an idea earlier today about what I wanted to write about and I was going to fashion the post after the show, "What Not To Wear."

But, frankly, all that's in my brain right now is the deluge of information that I'm getting from my nutritionist (who's help I've enlisted in getting through this thyroid "storm"). For someone like me, that is, someone who is somewhat obsessed with health and wellness, having access to a nutritionist is a great thing.

It's also a significant investment that I want to leverage. If I can help my clients, my colleagues, my friends and my family with new information and help myself in the process, then it's money well spent.

I'll be posting each week here:

And I'll be coming back to that "What Not To Wear" post. But it has to do with summer and since the sun has yet to shine for two consecutive days, I think I have some time. Which I'll need, because having to tackle a subject like what some females deem appropriate attire for inferno temperatures in this town will take some tact. On that note...

Shots of flax oil await.

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