Sunday, May 9, 2010

How I Put The "Happy" in Mother's Day

Having a MRI smack dab in the middle of Mother's Day didn't make for a cheerful household. I could lie, but truth be told, everyone was glad when the super low dose Valium was consumed, followed by the proper elixir (two wine coolers smuggled in from the AM/PM next door. oh, and a straw too).

Knowing that Sunday was likely to be a complete stress-fest between my mother and myself (which it was, although I am solely to blame), I took Friday morning off so that I could go to the Mother's Day Brunch at Ben's school. Being there more than made up for every anxious moment on Mother's Day.

Can you tell?

P.S. I tried every possible angle and worked every card I had (Mother's Day, single mom, 'my endocrinologist hates me and is going to make me wait until Christmas for these results'), to no avail...the MRI tech wasn't divulging any results from the scan. I do have, in my possession, about a hundred slides of my brain which Ben found incredibly fascinating. His reaction to the ink pumped into my veins to "light up" my brain was priceless.


Lish said...

OMG! Those pictures are adorable!!!

I had a glass of wine to take the edge off Saturday night so that's something anyway.

dadshouse said...

Love the school brunch! How fun. Hope the MRI went well