Friday, May 14, 2010

Inquiring Minds. Or, Fun on a Friday Night

It's a contemplative day. I've resisted the urge to update my Facebook status with the questions that have been burning in my brain all day long. I'll do it here instead.

How have I lived an adult foodie life without a "real" food processor?

I drank two Kombuchas today. I am:
a.) so healthy that I can fend off any and all diseases (hey, that's what the bottle says!).
b.) a fermented fool. Who spends a lot of money on health fads.

Why is there a whole case of wine in my closet? Why has it been there since Christmas?

Bad idea or good: my ex-sister-in-law friended me tonight on Facebook.

Speaking of Facebook, how many stalkers do I have since my information, my wall, my pictures all have been accessible to THE WORLD until this evening. Am I the only idiot on earth that didn't secure any of this stuff? Thank, C!

Has a Blackberry ever broken from excessive texting?

Should guys who are jerks - and who re-surface - be given second chances? Does sincerity count?

When you go into Jiffy Lube with a 50% off coupon, why do they convince you that your engine will fall out if you do not spend at least $100 on transmission/battery/coolant/blah-blah-blah/stuff.

When did it become common for the person providing your waxing service be of the male gender? And why is this so weird, even with just a simple brow wax?

Is it really pathetic to be genuinely bummed out that I have to wait an ungodly amount of time for Season 4 of Mad Men to release? Am I crazy for loving Don Draper as much as I do?

Is there any other mom who is NOT looking forward to the long, hot and unstructured days of summer?

Now that I've added the Visual Bookshelf application to my Facebook page, have I convinced anyone that I am a literary affection ado?

What will it take to get my son to eat "adult" food? Will we ever share a meal that doesn't involve a nugget, an egg, pizza or a Zone Bar?

Why does Costco sell a three month membership to Lego Land for just a few dollars more than a one day pass? What am I missing here?

What happened to good pick-up lines? If I'm in the store with a zillion pound bag of dog food, is there a better opener than: "Soooooo, do you have a dog?"

Is it true that when you stop looking for something (a job, a date, a dress, a purpose), it finds you?

Would it be in bad form to not return a borrowed food processor? Can I at least keep it for a really, really long time?

Who are the geniuses at Trader Joe's behind the dark chocolate, sea salt and turbinado sugar almonds?

Can there be anything sweeter than a 6-year-old jumping up and down with excitement over a $9.99 set of sheets with skulls and cross bones?

When the 6-year-old hits the ball so hard, that it lands square on the face of the second baseman, is it in poor taste for mom to jump up and down with excitement? Not that I did.

Does blogging on a Friday night - at 9pm - whilst sipping warm milk basically mean that I have no life whatsoever?

Is the end of "Duplicity" worth watching?

When the insurance company sends me the MRI bill, will it be $2,000? Or closer to $4,000?

Should I care about who wins "Survivor?" Or "Idol?"

If 40 is the new 30, should I get the Botox going now?

And finally...

Whose idea was it to throw out all the chocolate and all the cookies and anything that resembles dessert, except for that damn agave and the unprocessed honey?! Does a Double Fiber English Muffin, slathered with agave, qualify as dessert?


Shelley said...

It would be in poor taste to return a food processor without cookie dough in it. Not garbanzo bean cookie dough either ;)

I am Janeen... said...

how did you know that i used the food processor for not one, but TWO recipes with garbanzo beans???

dadshouse said...

I recently discovered how using a blender or food processor can help make a killer sauce for just about anything. Green pepper sauce over fish? Perfect.

Don't friend an ex-sister-in-law. It can only mean trouble. Don't you think?

Lish said...

Why is it that right when you want to respond to a blog that your work phone rings?