Monday, December 21, 2009

And That's A Wrap

We've (almost) made it through December. Despite being a complete Scrooge, I think I fooled Ben into believing that his Mommy is nothing short of Mrs. Clause-in-training.

Our holidays always start with Trans-Siberian Orchestra. This year we took Ben for the first time. He lasted for two hours but declared it to be a "great show!" (My dad's dog, Mali did not attend the show due to the fact that my dad cut off her airway for this photo!)

Meanwhile, our Molly staked out her spot near the tree. And let it be known that my tree was up and decorated the first weekend of the month. I love having a fake tree!

Ben's holiday performance for his school brought tears to my eyes. He sang his little heart out. I love this picture. He was so focused!

After the performance, parents and kids gathered with the teachers in the classroom for treats.

I took Ben out one Friday night to see Christmas lights. We (I) mapped out our route - we hit eight houses, ending in Orangevale at the famous Dovercourt and it was fabulous!

My angel, among the other angels.

Last year, we had a gingerbread house disaster when the house I assembled collapsed mid-way through decorating. This year, I got smart and bought a pre-assembled house. The house came with enough candy to decorate a 4,000 square foot house. It went a long way on the 4-inch house!

The finished product.

We did Round 1 of presents at my house with Alisa, Alec and my Mom.

Santa brought two gifts he was dying for: an Air Hog (it climbs the ceiling and the walls - YAY - and Battle Strikers.

Next round of Christmas was at my Dad's. The weather was sunny and spectacular. We sat on the porch and my Dad taught Ben some new Domino tricks (and he didn't let Ben win!)

There was an obscene amount of presents. Ben literally dove right in!

Spending Christmas Day without Ben was harder than I imagined it would be. Much harder. I spent the day mustering up all my packing creativity and am now off to take a quick nap before jumping on the midnight flight direct to NYC.

My family still can't believe that I'd rather be staying home with Ben rather than escaping to New York. But it's true. The other that boy gets, the more I fall desperately in love with him and the more I want to be with him.

Nonetheless, the big suitcase is packed and New York awaits.

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Lish said...

He is SO ADORABLE!! Even New York couldn't compete.