Tuesday, July 14, 2009

I Have Arrived

After months of writing this little blog and convincing myself that yes, there are at least four people who DO read it, I've finally had the big pay-off.

I received an email from "Jason" on Sunday night, thanking me for writing the post on "How To Date A Single Mom." I have no idea where Jason lives, what his age is, whether he's the boy-next-door or the next Ted Bundy. You gotta love the anonymity of the Internet.

What I do know is that Jason is dating a single mom. Has been for a few months. I also know that he did a search on Google to find tips on how to date a single mother. Lo and behold, he found me. Well, he found my blog.

Now I can really appreciate the connectivity of the blogging world.

And Jason, best of luck to you with your single mom gal!


Kari said...

Cool! You're famous!

Kirsten said...

I'm sure the single mom he's dating appreciates your words of wisdom.

Lish said...

I'm obviously Reader #3. Do I hear #4?

Dick Hagerty said...

give him my number
we can put a stop to this pretty quickly