Monday, December 8, 2008

Then & Now

How much can two best friends alter their appearances in the short span of just two months? Amazing what a pair of scissors and a bottle of bleach can do.

Take a look at my best friend, K, and me at B's birthday party in October:

And, here we are at the birthday party for E, K's son, last weekend:

I think K's channeling Sharon Stone and Halle Berry, while I've got an obsession going with Brit and Nic.

Now what's really crazy is the party last weekend, I am wearing the jeans that K borrowed when she was pregnant and she is wearing the jeans that I practically wore out in my super skinny days. We've literally traded both pairs of jeans back and forth, depending on who's having a baby, who's nursing, who's going through a divorce, and who's too busy to eat (that would be her...3 boys under 5...she barely has time to feed them, let alone herself).

I don't have the heart to show you any photos of us before and after children. Maybe after a few rounds of Botox, we'll have some different pictures to post after next year's birthday parties. In the meantime, we've got our great hair stylists and our super cool jeans and heartfelt friendship with each other and between our 5-year-old boys. What more could we need?

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Kirsten / Mama Ginger Tree said...

Holy cow!!! I wouldn't even think it was the same two women.