Thursday, December 25, 2008

Big Orange Boxes & Other Christmas Blessings/Chaos

I'm counting my blessings this Christmas while trying to remain zen-like in the chaos.

First, the presents. My child knows his Mommy really well. There was a big orange box under the tree this year. Anyone who has any idea about my tastes is well aware of my addiction to Lucy stores. Unfortunately, the present wasn't exactly a surprise as I had to take a little peek at the contents of the orange box last week to know how to reciprocate vis a vis a gift to B's dad (from B, of course). This whole topic of exes giving gifts, even from the children, is one that I have mixed thoughts about and wouldn't mind nixing completely. But, then again, I'm going to have a nice store credit at Lucy so it's not like I'm in a super big hurry to nix the tradition.

We are not staying home for long. In fact, by the time you read this, we'll most likely be en route for Palm Springs. Which is another blessing, although it's raining just as hard there as it is here and I just read online that a severe weather alert has been issued. However, two grandparents are standing by...waiting for some bonding time with B. Which means, yes, that I can sit back and enjoy some quiet reading time and perhaps a yoga class. But we have to get there first and my child is seriously overtired and overwired. We have an hour long flight into Ontatio then there's the whole car rental scene. At the rate we're going, my bag of tricks will be seriously depleted before are even airborne.

While we are away, my Mom is dog and house-sitting and also probably dipping into my Zanax stash because my sister arrived late last night with her two kittens. It's a good time for me to be far away because I just don't think that there is enough Zanax in the house to go around once my one-year-old Lab gets a whiff of those sweet, young kittens and the chaos truly begins.

True to form, my Mom arrived at my home last night weighed down with enough food for a month, and an assortment of organization tools. She has decided that my kitchen needs her organizational touch - which means, basically, that when we return, every glass, fork, ice cream scoop, spatula, and soup can will be color coded, labeled and cross-referenced. And let me tell you that she has her work cut out for her because I am already a neat freak in the kitchen. The obsessive compulsive notch is about to be dialed way up as she discovers that I don't have expired food or copious quantities of anything (except ice) in my freezer. There may be a stray drinking glass or some mis-matched Tupperware to contend with but that's about it. So the real blessing is that I will come home to a very organized house.

Most of all, I'm thankful and feel very blessed to look forward to this image (minus the cats, perhaps) for many years to come:


anymommy said...

Have a fabulous trip. Looks like your mom can handle those cats!

Kirsten / Mama Ginger Tree said...

Hope your trip is fun and relaxing. Can't wait to hear about the cats and the dog.