Friday, July 29, 2011

Yet Another Reason To Love The FedEx Man

Stay or go? Stay or go?

This has become the question that I've asked myself nearly every hour of my day for the last two plus years. This same question has plagued me at night. It's driven me to make countless calls to Bank of America; it's even caused me to break down in tears on more than one of those calls.

But thanks to my sexy Fed Ex guy and early Friday deliveries, I know my answer and it's all good...


At least for now. The trial period is not a guarantee of a permanent loan modification and even if it was, I'm not certain that we're meant to be in this house for years to come. But at least in the short term, I can quit worrying about run-down rentals, lack of studio space and how Ben would survive without his sweet Molly dog.

By Christmas, I should know more about our new loan. Having some breathing room between now and then is a very, very good thing.

I can't end this post without adding that I definitely believe in the power of prayer and in faith, too. Now more than ever in my life, I'm all about conscious contact with God and it is a good, good thing.

We are indeed very, very blessed.