Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Where To Find Happiness? On An Old Blue Pool Slide.

As I mentioned in my previous post, this last weekend we went to my sister's home in the East Bay. We spent two days by the pool, lathered up in SPF 70 sunscreen (I am the sunscreen Nazi).

I love going to my sister's house for many reason.

One, it's not in Sacramento and it's in a gorgeous part of the East Bay. When I'm at her house, I can briefly forget about my life in Sacramento. It's cooler there, it's prettier there, the shopping is better, the yoga studios are plentiful and Peet's is within walking distance.

Two, her house is big and comfortable. Not big and pretentious. When I don't have Ben, I go to her home and sink into a couch, a love seat or a chaise lounge and sit for hours with a book. I'm so relaxed there that time has no relevance.

Third, she has a great pool and a spa. The pool is warm, or as she likes to say, "open" all summer long.

And last, there is an old, plastic 70s style pool slide. The slide is probably on its last legs and if she's smart, my sister will have anyone who ventures into the pool sign a waver so that she doesn't get her ass sued when a 200 pound "friend" attempts to climb the rickety ladder and the whole thing comes apart.

But I digress.

I am not 200 pounds (yet) and Ben isn't either. Never mind about Ben though because he wasn't having anything to do with the slide. Which is fairly typical, given that unless he has a baseball bat, a glove or a soccer ball, he will not take on any physical risk.

His mother, however, will.

On Sunday, I was all over that slide. My mission was to get a Facebook worthy profile shot which was really quite hard to do. I probably went down the slide 30 times, with my sister behind the camera. There were quite a few belly flops and painful landings on my back.

Nevertheless, here is what our day looked like:

Fueling up for the slide with an Otter Pop. Ben consumed about 83 of these over the weekend. Don't look at my hair. One dip in the chlorine = one bad idea for expensive (and extensive) highlights!

The big prepare. I'm holding on for dear life here.

This is right before the first belly flop.

And my best imitation of Superman. Another belly flop.

I laughed so hard after the Superman plunge that I couldn't swim in. My sister snapped this picture once I had my footing; never mind that I was practically drowning!

Last time down. Ben requests "the french fry." Body straight, arms extended. Thank God for my mommy swim suit. A bikini just wouldn't have worked for this one. Hardest landing yet; right on the back! Ben's favorite photo, by far.

Then I took over the camera and caught some sweet pictures with my awesome sister and her favorite nephew. She loves Ben so much.

We have to go back. Soon. Before that 200 pound friend takes down the slide and takes away all our fun.

Thanks, Alisa for a beautiful weekend and for being the amazing sister and aunt that you are.
We love you!