Thursday, April 29, 2010

The State Of My Buns

There are two things that I like about my new thyroid medication (which is totally a misnomer because I don't have a problem with my thyroid). It has two side effects (two that I read about with great interest, anyway). They are:

Increased appetite
Weight loss

Brilliant! All my life I've waited for this combination. I'm envisioning less treadmill time and lots of full fat lattes. No more fat-free scones from Peet's, either. Pizza? Bring it. Oh wait, we did. Tonight. Soda, too.

On the flip side, Ben had a new line for me today; one that I found a little disconcerting:

"Mommy, you have cuddly buns."

Now, my buns have been called a lot of things but "cuddly" isn't one of them. "Cuddly" makes me think of J. Lo (before she get all ripped with her triathlete training). "Cuddly" is an adjective one might use when asked: "Does it look like I'm gaining weight? "No dear, you look cuddly." (Which would drive me straight to Atkin's and marathon training.)

"Cuddly"- in the derriere department - is not svelte, it is not sleek, it is not good.

Granted, Ben is going through a phase called "being a male" which will likely last his entire life and he is obsessed with "the buns" (and the toilet). I have much more to say about this phase - and its downfalls - in my next post (which is all queued up and ready to go but I'm slightly terrified to hit the "Publish" key for fear of losing all 12 of my readers).

Given Ben's personality, I'm entirely certain that any day now, a note will be coming home from the teacher with some sort of reference to "cuddly buns." He's already taken to "petting L's silky hair when she isn't looking." Next, it's a bun cuddle.

I have three thoughts on this:

1. I'm glad we're closing in on the end of the year.

2. Clearly, he is is dad's boy.

3. Forget the meds. I need to get back to Spinning.


cabdude said...

Hi J,

LMFAO... THAT was funny. Sorry, I don't mean to be cruel. Thanks. I needed that laugh. Sold the bike today so I've been moping. If I don't get my butt to the gym soon, I will get some junk-in-the-trunk for sure. I store my fat in my butt just like a gila monster... I could eat whatever I wanted when I rode my bike and have no worries. Dang it.

BTW, Poo Poo Pia? Nice. Give Ben a high five!

I am Janeen... said...

Oh, Cab. It's going to get so much worse on the next post. I'm only publishing it to mortify Ben someday. But the subject material is seriously questionable! Sorry about the bike. Bummer. :-(

Lish said...

Where do I get a prescription?

existingwithintention said...

Okay, bracing myself... I was a boy once and I have a 6 year old son too so I'm sure it won't be that shocking, right? *gulp*