Friday, January 22, 2010

Worth Repeating

I love my friends and my clients. They say the funniest and the most poignant things.

It has been raining - can I use the expression "cats and dogs" without sounding like I'm 85? - all freakin' week. Everyone - and everything - is wet, wet, wet. My BFF, Kathie, while shuttling her three little boys around in the nasty elements, said it best: "This weather makes EVERYONE look older!" I had to repeat that one about 30 times all week, as I ran from class to clients to clients to class, looking, well, a few years older myself.

Then there's K, my weekly Wednesday client. She's an old friend (yikes, there's that word again!), we have a lot of laughs in her session, mostly about men and dating and marriage. We were discussing the problems associated with being single in Sacramento, which is quite a lengthy list but we'll start with the basic issue. As K says, "There are 10 single women to every single man in this town." She went on to say, "You pretty much have to catch one the day he files. Otherwise he's gone. Hang out on the court steps from now on." Brilliant. I just hope it's not as stormy when I do.

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Lish said...

Great post. I just know that moving to New York weather is going to age me quicker!

My problem with men in this town, and men in general, is if they are single, I think - what's wrong with him? If they are divorced, I think - what's wrong with him? If they are taken, chances are I've BEEN TOLD what's wrong with him!