Monday, August 10, 2009

Moving Right Along

Let's move past that last post. It's caused me way more grief than I ever intended.

So, moving along...right into the school year!

School starts one week from today. Holy cow! Where did the summer go?

We had planned to have Ben enrolled back in Kindergarten and we just learned that he has been placed into a K/1 combo class. He'll be moving to the "big" Montessori campus this year, which is significantly further from my home, but is much more "campus-like" than the old school. Two other good friends are also joining us at the new campus. Each child is in a different kindergarten class but they'll all spend time together at lunch and at recess.

Since school and extracurricular activities go hand-in-hand, we're also gearing up (literally and physically) for soccer season. Soccer starts tomorrow night. Ben is excited because not only is he playing with his "best" girl, Lauren, but Lauren's dad is also the coach of the team. Ben gets positively giddy every time we talk about his team.

After a busy summer of day camp, real camp, Ben's trips and unstructured days at home, I'm ready for the school year, long commute and all. Bring it!

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