Monday, June 8, 2009

When Two Is Easier Than One

Ben's favorite "boy friend" is Ean. Ben constantly asks me to coordinate play dates, preferably overnight, for himself and Ean.

I have to say, when Ean is around, it makes my life a lot easier. Having one child to constantly entertain can be more difficult than you could ever imagine, particularly when that one child has been spoiled rotten by endless attention from his doting mother, his fun father and his ever-present grandmother.

When Ean comes over, I'm actually able to get a few things done. Unlike the time when I'm alone with Ben and we spend hours with Hot Wheels and I try not to turn on the Cartoon Network or YouTube.

The love that Ben has for Ean is so pure and sweet, that at times, it makes me misty-eyed for the sibling he'll (most likely) never have. I dread having to take Ean home after their time together because, without fail, Ben will cry and ask over and over, "Why can't Ean live with me?"

Two weekends ago, the boys went swimming at the pool where I work:

Yesterday, we went to Pixie Woods in Stockton:

The boys played for four hours straight...

And I finally broke out my new camera!


Alisa said...

SOOO cute!!! I'm such a proud aunt!

Kari said...

That is so sweet!

...he probably wouldn't have as much fun with him if he was actually his brother... ;-)

Kirsten said...

Watching friendships develop is so fun. But Kari is so right... they would probably annoy the crap out of each other if they actually lived together.

But I must agree. I get much more done when all of my kids are home as opposed to when I am alone with my son. I feel much more guilty leaving him on his own while I answer e-mails than I do when they are all destroying my house together while I answer e-mails.