Monday, April 20, 2009

Memo To My Ex

Dear K,

Character is a good thing to have. You should consider getting some.

Taking B to San Francisco for the weekend was a fabulous idea, particularly since you were able to introduce him to a wide range of cultural offerings, from a Giants game, to the new Exploratorium, capped off by an evening at the symphony. Of course, enjoying a room on Nob Hill most certainly added to the experience, I'm sure.

Truly, I am grateful that you are able to provide wonderful getaways for B. He always looks forward to those times with you and talks nearly non-stop, after arriving home, about the fun he's had.

So let me give you some advice here. Don't go and meet a woman and use the San Francisco trip as a way to introduce her to B. And please, above all else, try to remember that B is not a 43-year-old male and he does NOT need to learn how to get a woman into his bed on the first date.

It was hard enough when B didn't want to talk with me on the phone because he was smitten with his new friend, Dana. But then when he came home and announced that the new friend also SHARED A BED WITH HIM during the trip, while Daddy slept in the OTHER bed, was downright appalling.

You should know better.

I am not going to judge you. But I will show B, in the best way that I can and through my own actions, that having a moral compass is admirable.

I really needed to get this out. To say that my maternal feathers are a little ruffled right now is a huge understatement. I hope that you never have to feel the way that I did on Sunday night. Actually, I know that you never will because I am not cold-hearted enough to lose sight of what might be hurtful to you and I try to be mindful and respectful of your feelings in all situations.

In closing, thank you for the reminder of why we can't be together. Your impulsive nature and lack of regard for consequences always drove me crazy.

Please try to be more level-headed, even if you're not actually thinking with your head. B is constantly looking to you as his role model. Need I say more?



Kirsten said...

Holy crap. Seriously. HOLY CRAP.

Kari said...

Oh my God...I can't believe you have to deal with this crap. That sucks! I'm so sorry.

Lish said...

Always good to have a little reminder so you have no regrets.