Sunday, April 12, 2009

Gender Differences

One day last week, I had a slew of errands to run. My mom and B came with me. B burned out on the "to do" list once we had completed our grand tour of the local Wal-Mart. My mom sat in the backseat with him and proceeded to deploy various entertainment strategies while I ran in and out of Bed, Bath and Beyond, the health food store, and the hardware store. Things were getting a little unruly in the backseat which prompted my mom to ask: "Do you have anything I could read to him?"

"Sure," I said, rummaging through the gym gear on the floor of the passenger side. "Would you like Time magazine? Or perhaps US News? Maybe the Wall Street Journal?"

But what I actually came up with was quite different than the aforementioned publications. "Well, here's an issue of US Weekly. Wait, that's no good. Anna Nicole Smith is on the cover; that's old news. What else is here? Cosmo? No, I don't think that I want B learning about the 99 best sex tricks. In Style? Hmmm, that seems pretty harmless."

Mom and B began to peruse In Style and I could hear my mother saying things like, "All the girls in here have sparkly dresses. And high heels." "Long hair," B observed. This continued on for quite some time and then B asked, "Where are the men in this magazine?" To which my mom said, "I don't really see any yet." Flip, flip flip went the pages. And then:

"There's one," B stated. "I see one. Right there, THERE'S a man!"

I looked over my shoulder while my mom laughed out loud. And here is the "man" that B was pointing to:

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Lish said...

My blog story is when I first got a blog, I only let Kari read it. When she wanted to add me to her blogroll, I said no at first but I said she could tell her sister and you only. Why she didn't tell you, I can only hazard a guess. But that's my story, and I'm sticking to it.