Thursday, January 22, 2009

D Is Also For Disconnected...and Dripping Dog

OK, I'll admit that since my last post, I've been pretty distracted (still) with S.

I have received several nudges lately regarding both blogs and the obvious fact that there has been nothing new to read since "Divulging" was posted. So an explanation is probably in order.

Here it is:

My wireless connection has been giving me problems for weeks, and last week, it quit working completely. After several hours (and days!) of working with my computer, S came up with the solution of abandoning the wireless completely (so much for surfing the 'net in the dark corners of my home) and connecting right to the modem. Brilliant. Much better than the original idea of running out to Costco and purchasing a new computer with a functional wireless card. Now that I have a great boyfriend, I don't need to hang out in Starbucks with my laptop, pretending to do important market research and data analysis of Pilates demographics, anyway. I'm very content just being connected again.

Then there's the issue of the dog, Molly. And her little hormonal issue. Seems that I procrastinated on the spay visit to the vet just a wee bit too long. Have you ever shared a home with a dog in heat? Without getting too gory, let me just say that my Swiffer has never had so much action. And B, my 5-year-old, now knows waaaaaayyyyyyy too much about "girl problems."

My mom just informed me, with the smallest hint of "I told you so," that the drips will continue for approximately 25 days. So here it is on public record: "Yes, you were right, Mom. Thank you for reminding me 188 times to call the vet for an appointment during December. I should have listened to you. You are (almost) always right."

Let's hope that the next "D" report can be for "diminishing," as in Molly's fluid output. Did I mention "disgusted" yet?


Kirsten said...

That is really disgusting. Yuck.

But glad you worked out the disconnection issues!

heartatpreschool said...

Gross. Don't they make some kind of doggie pads for "that time of the month"? Or, I guess it's for the whole stupid month, huh!

Steven said...

I'm going to skip a few letters of the alphabet and reply with some "H" words:

It's very Humorous, bordering on Hilarious, that the first two replies to this post had to do with female dog... Hormones! And also quite Humbling that I've gone from being part of a Hot internet romance to playing 2nd fiddle to a dog in Heat!

Lastly, I'm Heartened that my Hot GF has chosen to call my work-around "brilliant" instead of Harping on the fact that it took me close to a week of Harumphing before I came up with my Half-baked workaround :)