Wednesday, September 2, 2009

The Good Doctor

I finally feel like someone understands the magnitude of my sleep issue. Her name is Dr. S.

Dr. S came to me by way of a client referral. She is a renowned specialist of sleep and a sought after neurologist. She takes patients only by referrals and her policy is to interview a patient candidate to determine whether or not said candidate is worthy of paying her consultation fee, which is right up there with the amount of my mortgage payment. Then there is the waiting. It takes a good two to three months to get onto her calendar. Luckily, my client had some pull and I was able to see her just six weeks from my initial phone interview.

After spending almost three hours with Dr. S, I knew that any amount would have been worth it. She is a genius, remarkably brilliant and a scientist. She knew why every medication I've ever taken didn't work and carefully explained, in terms that I could understand, exactly why the approaches taken before were so unsuccessful.

I started to tear up in Dr. S's office because of her ability to empathize. I felt like she could see into every challenge I've had in my life that has been a direct result of being so damn tired. Many times, she'd make a connection: "So, if you're tired, then this probably happens. And this. And if you're REALLY tired, then you're experiencing this. Or this. Oh yes, dear. And that too."

I think she called me "dear" no less than 500 times. At the end, I got a "sweetie." I think it would have been a hug, under different circumstances, but she is a highly respected doctor, after all.

Dr. S gave me an assigned reading list, some research to look at and a follow-up appointment. She also gave me the best thing of all: a promise to help me rest. I keep hearing her departing words: "I will help you dear. I will figure this out for you."

Thank you, Dr. S.

Thank you.
Thank you.
Thank you.

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Briana said...

I am SUPER excited for you!!! That is great news. This is just what you need someone who looks WAY farther than the regular doc. who just keeps giving you meds.... It sounds like it will be worth the money!! Hopefully soon you will be getting some quality sleep....zzzzzzzz