Thursday, February 19, 2009

Wordle Magic

My friend Kirsten, who inspired me to start blogging, provided this great new way to waste time. It is Wordle:

Basically, you type your blog name into their site and somehow, magically a bunch of words that you commonly use while writing will come together in a rather cool image. By the looks of what Wordle created for me, I'd say that the theme of my blog would probably be something along the lines of: "One single mom who has too much to think about, with not enough time in the day and litle sleep at night." Those Wordle folks are pretty brilliant.

Check it out:

Wordle: sleepless in sac

Now I have to go kill some more time by trying this with my Luscious blog.


Kirsten said...

Ha! Yours is pretty funny!

heartatpreschool said...

Yours is just perfect! I love it! I didn't post mine...I didn't like it. The biggest word was HUSBAND, and the other biggies were worried, sandwich and nothing. WTF?

bernthis said...

Just stopping by to say hi and hope you're doing well